DV “certified”, “I can never meet my 9 year old daughter again…” The wail of another man who got hell from Japan’s divorce “law”

Some content on this page was disabled on February 7, 2018 as a result of a DMCA takedown notice from Kodansha Ltd.. You can learn more about the DMCA here:


5 thoughts on “DV “certified”, “I can never meet my 9 year old daughter again…” The wail of another man who got hell from Japan’s divorce “law”

  1. Having just received word of this DMCA takedown notice, I am currently seeking to find out how I can legally make “fair use” of whatever necessary portion (or permissible wording) of the content of the Yahoo News article I referenced here, in order that the topic it is about remains discussed here. *I have no desire to, nor interest in infringing anyone’s rights to copyright*; instead I am only interested in keeping the subject matter that was reported on in circulation and available for my community to know of and learn about. I presume that since the material in question was published on the Internet (and then, notably, withdrawn by Yahoo Japan) that the main point of the story, not the exact words of the Yahoo article of course, can be legally circulated and discussed. It was a report on a court case. The news story included a series of interviews with one or more participants in the case, and with persons who are affiliated with them, and with people who are, like myself, concerned about the high incidence of child abduction and infringement of children’s and parents’ rights in Japan. It was published, publicly, in the press.
    Therefore I’ll seek to learn what is possible to do to maintain my website here without interference from “copyright” claims, and without infringement on the rights of others.
    One should also note that the story which was taken down above included naming names of an attorney in Tokyo who is responsible for numerous child abductions and illegal and false testimonies being submitted to the Japanese family courts. This attorney, whose license to practice law has been suspended several times for judicial misconduct including grossly false representations of persons involved in the cases from which he earns his living and his reputation, has also used the right wing of the Japanese commercial press to promote his name, his successful use of false accusations and bad faith testimonies acquired for a price to destroy parent-child relationships in Japan. It is certainly possible that the naming of this attorney in my comments above the Yahoo News piece I posted above has something to do with the arrival of this DMCA claim. I suspect strongly that it does, given his history of unscrupulous conduct and disrespect for truth.
    Perhaps I may be made to know more about this aspect in the near future. I hope so.
    Brian Prager


  2. I wonder, if you self host on WordPress.org instead of wordpress.com, will it protect you? technically you are hosting on WordPress.com with your own domain name. But if you host on wordpress.org (using any provider), can that protect you? A lawyer can tell you. I self host tokyoprogressive.org using another provider (Studio Press) for 25 dollars a month. A bit expensive but they guarantee the uptime. I also have the ability to create wordpress.org websites with another provider I use. That is free. On the other hand, if something goes wrong, I probably have to to handle it myself. Let me know if I can help.

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