Write me a few of your lines 2

This is addressed to friends and family who have been with us and seen us  in the last years.  Anyone who has a story  and would like to contribute it to the blog, it would be welcome!  Try your fingers out and write something, and it would be very much appreciated. Something you witnessed or remember and are willing to share in support of any or all of the causes that this is about. They can be long or short, a note or a story, however you like. And I will save them up and collect them together all into one Ultra Mega Post.

Write something in keeping with the spirit and purpose of this blog, which is to tell about Rui, Machico, and/ or Me in the light of the shocking thing that has transpired in 2010.


Chance encounter?

Bits of remembered conversati0n?

A visionary poem? An anecdote? You name it.

Like Mississippi Fred McDowell used to sing, “write me a few of your lines.”

Ways to submit something:

1 You can email me at an address you already have, or

2  You can use the WRITE TO ME box that appears on the right side of the page, or

3  You could use the comments space, (although  email is best) which is how the “Write to Me Box” comes.

Just say “for the blog” and  start writing

Thank you!


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