Unlucky Seven

June 15
7 years to the day since Rui was abducted and taken to where the Japanese state would assert its sovereignty and claim jurisdiction over my son, unchallenged by any institution, regardless of international law, concern for children’s protection, or feelings of shared humanity.

JJapan’s Fuji TV reported on Rui’s abduction in 2011, and tried to hide the identity of the abductor and my son in this way (with facial blurring). They ought to have known;  Japan offers no remedies for victims of child abduction. They could have put her name and face in lights.

Fuji TV story- original photo
Fuji TV story- original photo

Downpresser man – where you gonna run to?

2 thoughts on “Unlucky Seven

  1. Dear Brian,
    No words can express the sadness we feel for you and Rui. One day is too long to be deprived of seeing and holding one’s child. We thought of you two today when we were at Tompkins Square Park not realizing it has been seven years since Rui was abducted. We hope you and Rui will be reunited soon.

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