TIME Magazine: Japan Is A Haven for International Child Abduction

TIME MAGAZINE has followed ABC into exposing the sad stories of child stealing  and abduction as practiced by the Terauchis and their friends in the Japanese international kidnapping network. The media is gradually awakening from  its no-longer-eternal slumber on this awful, long-standing situation, and we are grateful for that.

The article in TIME reports on the activities of a group we’ve known about for some months, called the Safety Network for Guardians and Children,  which claims to be a support group whose purpose is to defend child abduction and keep Japan in its current status as an international pariah outside humane norms, stealing little guys like Rui from their parents, and keeping them hidden behind walls erected by the Japanese state. The TIME story also introduces readers to the activities of Kensuke Onuki (Ohnuki), quoted in the article,  a lawyer who is a well-known entity among left-behind parents.  Mr. Onuki (Ohnuki) is notorious for his leading  role in the network of child abductors, and  famously advises and assists them  in building long-term cases  that conjure and  falsify  stories of victimization within Japan’s weak domestic abuse laws. Onuki (Ohnuki) is in fact so notorious that  his name was stricken from the US Embassy’s list of recommended attorneys in Tokyo, for which he sued members of the community of left-behind parents  in an attempt to silence them from revealing the form of  chicanery he and his cohort practice.

Finally it quotes “Keiko,” a pseudonymous persona likely to be familiar to readers of this blog. Keiko is Machico Terauchi, Rui’s mother. The words and pattern of emotional and psychological abuse, right down to the fine points, are  familiar .  She “discovered” that her son was being abused she claims, and says tearfully  that she didn’t want to leave the United States, but had to do so to make her son feel safe. For me, the lies and active alienation visited on my son are transparent. I know “Keiko.” Everyone knows “Keiko.”

To our government we must say: sometimes, even in the midst of international relations so corrupted by moneyed interests and cynical calculations of power, it is necessary in extreme cases such as these to demand adherence to a standard  and to take an ethical position. How can we go on living passively  while our beloved children are being flagrantly abused by groups of people who are in open rebellion against international standards established by the United Nations and the Hague?!

It is inconceivable that a people can have no tradition in place to protect the rights  and needs of children from being ignored, misunderstood, foolishly misinterpreted, and undermined. And what’s more, principle demands that we recognize that it is the toleration of and practices of a  particular and peculiar professional class within Japan, and  in the United States, among the apologists and pragmatists, that enables and promotes this abuse and destruction of children’s lives.

4 thoughts on “TIME Magazine: Japan Is A Haven for International Child Abduction

  1. Oooh, this story really upsets me! Hopefully, from the TIME article and the ABC story, more people are becoming aware of this tragic situation that is being virtually ignored and by the U.S government.
    From the story: “I don’t know what the answer is,” says Keiko. “But we need to find a solution that’s in the best interest of the child.”
    What is she talking about? The answer to what?
    Ms. “Keiko” seems to have found her own answer, with the help and protection of the Japanese government and a tricky lawyer, which was to remove a child illegally and deceitfully from the child’s father and home, in this case, in the U.S.
    “The ‘best interest of the child’? So, only one parent gets to unilaterally decide the child’s best interest? Many of these parents who steal children to Japan have made a choice that they want to go back to Japan because they don’t like it here; not for the child’s best interest. Once safely within the borders and protection of Japan, they lie and make exaggerated allegations of child and spousal abuse to further protect themselves. To the spouse and extended family left behind: Deal with it…


  2. I find it heartening that ABC News and now Time are covering this abomination perpetrated by Japan. May others in the media also begin to wake up and give this story the attention it deserves. We always hear about individuals who are arrested and kept in confinement in unfriendly countries, like Iran or North Korea, to name a couple of recent examples, and the US responds to these episodes as top-level diplomatic crises, sending former presidents over to get the innocents released. Should this not the same with the kidnapped children hidden in Japan? Aren’t they innocent enough to warrant immediate attention from the highest levels of our government, particularly with a supposedly friendly nation like Japan?
    With friends like these…


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