Still Alive! Still Alive!

Friday, Nov. 11, 2011

‘Megumi still alive,’ Yokota’s parents tell abduction rally


YONAGO, Tottori Pref. — Parents of abductee Megumi Yokota expressed hope their daughter is still alive in light of a recent South Korean magazine report that said she was alive as of 2005.

“I don’t give up the hope that my daughter is still alive,” Yokota’s 78-year-old father, Shigeru, said Wednesday at a rally in Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, that drew about 400 people.

The Weekly Chosun reported that registration data compiled in 2005 on citizens in Pyongyang include a woman whose birthday and family members appear to be those of Yokota’s.

At the rally against North Korean abductions of Japanese, Yokota’s mother, Sakie, 75, asked why the government has been unable to bring back the abductees despite the collection of 6 million signatures calling for settlement of the issue.

Rui is still alive!
Kana is still alive!
Kaya is still alive!
Isaac is still alive!
Amy is still alive!
Rebecca is still alive!
Rion is still alive!
Lauren is still alive!
Julia is still alive!
Kaia is still alive!
Sean is still alive!
Renee is still alive!
Erika is still alive!
Mochi is still alive!
Keisuke is still alive!
Cody is still alive!
Takoda is still alive!
Tiana is still alive!
Gunnar is still alive!
Kianna is still alive!
Kazuya is still alive!
Liam is still alive!

Shout it from the mountaintops!
Two million Japanese children,
Four thousand Americans,
Children from all over the world –

Our children are “still alive”
But we can’t see them!

Why has the government been unable to bring back the abductees?
Do we all have to wait until we are 78 years old to expect an answer to this question?

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