My City’s In Ruins


The kids are still in the parks,  Rui.
But the joy is missing from them.

Their eyes search the iron fences and garden plots for you.

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City of Ruins

There’s a blood red circle
On the cold dark ground
And the rain is falling down
The church door’s thrown open
I can hear the organ’s song
But the congregation’s gone

My city of ruins
My city of ruins

Now the sweet bells of mercy
Drift through the evening trees
Young men on the corner
Like scattered leaves
The boarded up windows
The empty streets
And my brother’s down on his knees

My city of ruins
My city’s in ruins

Come on rise up!
Come on rise up!

Now there’s tears on the pillow
Darling where we slept
And you took my heart when you left
Without your sweet kiss
My soul is lost, my friend
Now tell me how do I begin again?

My city’s in ruins
My city’s in ruins

Now with these hands,
With these hands

I pray for the strength, Lord
I pray for the lovelorn,

Pray for the lost, Lord
Pray for the saved, Lord

Come on!
Come on!
Come on rise up!

Come on rise up!


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