Our Brother

Tonight we have to mourn the passing of Greg Eaves, Rui’s uncle, my sister Karen’s beloved spouse.  Our brother.
Like my sister / his wife Karen, Greg studied and practiced psychotherapy. Like her,  he aimed to be a healer of the most intangible forms of pain: the psychic ones.

Speaking as father of my only and abducted child, I wish every one of those who afflict our vulnerable loved ones could be silenced, and the motives of psychic violence be neutralized.

Every day of our lives should be lived so well for others as Greg did his. We love him for this and can hardly speak.

Karen and Greg


10 thoughts on “Our Brother

  1. Dear Brian—

    Thank you for your beautiful words and sharing the photo of Rui and Greg in happy days together. Our shock and pain at the loss of Greg and the road ahead for Karen has touched us deeply, and reminded us how precious each moment with those we love is.

    Both Rui and Greg are forever in our hearts, and I pray for a day of celebration, with Rui in your arms again…

    Caren Gertner Fritts

    (Karen’s friend from college and grad school…

    and the rest of our lives since then)

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