Love, without mercy (Father’s Day, 2013)

Central Park Skaters 06“Descartes’ point is not simply that the blind in some way ‘see’ as we do, that there is no important difference – the stakes are much higher.  It is not the blind who have to be compared to “us” (who see), it is “we” who have to compared to the blind in order to be able to understand what happens when we see.”
           – Alenka Zupancic

“You may have to cut the flowers, but it will not stop the spring.”
          – Che Guevara

Central Park Skaters layers PNKB2

Rui Prager was abducted to Japan on June 15th, 2010. The Japanese refuse to return him,  and have failed to provide his location or assist in any way.  The United States has not made any consequential demand on Japan to return abducted children. Thousands of children are abducted within and into Japan every year.

Rui’s  father has not seen, heard or held him since the abduction.

(Father’s Day, 2013)

About Brian Prager

I am the father of a beloved son who has been retained in Japan by his Japanese mother against my will. My boy has been kept out of contact with me since June, 2010. I am struggling to save him and get justice for us.
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2 Responses to Love, without mercy (Father’s Day, 2013)

  1. Ken Dean says:

    My heart is with you today. I haven’t seen my son in over two years. I think he’s in Yokohama. Your sight has givin me strength just to know we share this. One day we will see them. This can’t last forever. I’m sorry you hurt so bad bit please keep up the good works. It gives all of us hope and faith on a not so happy Father’s Day.


    • Brian Prager says:

      I am sorry to see your story; believe me I recognize how devastating it is. We are all in this fight together to regain our parental rights from Japanese insane, anti-child system. We must organize resistance and end this scourge. Our lives and the lives of our children depend on it.
      I truly wish you the best.


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