Bread of Affliction


“The matzah before us at our seder is like the poor bread that our fathers ate in Egypt. Matzah in the Haggadah is a remembrance of the affliction of enslavement. Let all who are hungry come and eat. Next year, may we all be free.”

The bread of affliction is dry, sharp, and hard. Tears make  the bread stick in our throats. Today, we are afflicted.

In love and solidarity:    “..Seven days you shall eat” “matzot ‘lechem oni’ (bread of affliction), because in haste you went out from Egypt, in order that  you will remember the bitterness of human cruelties, and turn to kindness, all the days of your life.”

にほん!  Nihon!










Makat Bechorot!

4 thoughts on “Bread of Affliction

  1. We will save a space for you one way or the other. You are always welcome, friend. It’s no big deal, actually. By chance, we already have a couple extra empty places reserved in addition to Elijah’s. Next year with our kids… Let our children go!

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  2. As if reminders were needed!

    Have a good Passover. Hope you have a Seder to go to!

    Now, I have my morning’s work cut out for me, looking up all the terms that you have listed!

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