Keep Your Candles Burning – December 31, 2019

After spending a few short days together for the holidays this week, our family received this note today from my Dad, Rui’s grandfather, now 92 years of age.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019
So good to know all arrived home safely.
When we were together, I talked about being aware of one’s blessings. I was indeed keenly aware of what those few days brought me. They reminded me AGAIN of how proud I am of my family.
One hopes the family will be caring, compassionate, just people; and where could one find a group who better exemplifies those qualities?
That goes not only for those who started with me but also for those you brought in along the way.
I love you all.
May 2020 see dreams fulfilled.

I held a photograph of Rui in his red-plaid shirt, aged 4 years, and wished him dreams fulfilled in 2020, now entering into the tenth year since he was abducted and disappeared to Japan in the arms of deception, demonization, and demoralization.
Rui should know his family here. And all you have to do to make that possible is to contact me, or his uncles and aunts here in the United States.

Meditate on love and its worth, and on denial of love and its harm.

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