Blues Run the Game

Daddy loves you Rui pumpkin.
I am trying to find you my sweet one.
I miss you Rui Boy.

Oh, how I miss you.


Catch a boat to England, baby,
Maybe to Spain.
Wherever I have been,
Wherever I've been and gone,
Wherever I have gone,
The blues are just the same.

Send out for whisky, baby,
Send out for gin.
Me and room service, honey,
Me and room service, child,
Me and room service,
We're living a life of sin.

When I'm not drinking, baby,
You're on my mind.
When I'm not sleeping, child,
When I'm not sleeping,
Then you know you'll find me crying.

Living is a gamble, baby,
Loving's much the same.
Wherever I have played,
Wherever I've thrown them dice,
Wherever I have played,
The blues have run the game.

Try another city, baby,
Another town.
Wherever I have been,
Wherever I've been and gone,
Wherever I have gone,
The blues just follow on down.

Maybe tomorrow, baby,
Some place down the line,
I'll wake up older, honey,
So much older, child,
I'll wake up older,
And you know I'll stop all my trying.

About Brian Prager

I am the father of a beloved son who has been retained in Japan by his Japanese mother against my will. My boy has been kept out of contact with me since June, 2010. I am struggling to save him and get justice for us.
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3 Responses to Blues Run the Game

  1. Jeff Ragsdale says:

    Such a beautiful and solemn way to mark the passing of Bert Jansch.


  2. Karen says:

    We miss Rui too so much…he would look soooo cute in his Halloween costume now that he is 5 nearly 6. Can’t believe it, makes my heart hurt.


  3. Brian Prager says:

    Thank you my friend Jeff and my sister, Karen. My heart too is always solemn and always in agony.


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