Japan is black hole for abducted children – Vancouver Sun

The press in the United States would never dream of covering this scandal. It is always in Australian, Canadian or other papers that we see the stories that are published.

If the United States demanded justice for the children that Japan has kidnapped – and there are thousands of our kids – then this might not have gone on as it has for parents and children of all countries. The US has the lynch pin role with regard to Japan’s policy and the world’s response to it. What the US has done is: it has protected chronic habitual Japanese child abduction from scrutiny by covering it up and minimizing its impact, again and again and again. The inclusion of Japan into the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Parental Abduction, which was touted as a big move that would alter the picture, had EXACTLY the opposite effect. The State Department and US Embassy knew this, and was told so and discussed this with parents of abducted children. The Hague Convention now stands between us and our kidnapped children’s fundamental human rights. Any cases that began before Japan’s 30-years-delayed accession, now stand untouchable. A child kidnapped a few months, or one, two, three years before the convention coming into effect in Japan, is now “legally” in a do-not-touch zone of no visits, no relationships, no contact with his or her non-Japanese or non-custodial half of his or her family. There is NOTHING in Japanese law that requires that a child’s interest in knowing his or her own parent be respected. It’s worse than a scandal; it’s an agonizing outrage, and a fully intentional one carried out by a US foreign policy establishment that regards children as an insignificant priority. You can thank the State Department and the US Executive for ensuring that we all lose our children, forever, to their “friend” the Japanese state.

Rui in Tokyo, 2009
Rui in Tokyo, 2009 Click on the photo to see a story from the Canadian press about other Japanese parental abductions.


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