Action Alert: Call for Sanctions and Effective Action to End Japanese International Parental Abduction

November  2011

Urge U.S. Congress to Sponsor H.R. 1940:
International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act of 2011

Louis "Rui" Prager,abducted June, 2010.

An estimated 4000 American children have been abducted to and within Japan since 1994.  A grossly negligent U.S. government has turned a blind eye to this enormous abuse of children’s human rights and has failed to protect or even to attempt to seek the return of these U.S. citizens. The stunned and desperate parents of these children struggle  to recover their children in near invisibility.

Once kidnapped to Japan, our children are subject to sham “custody” hearings that eliminate  non-abducting fathers and mothers from the child’s life with no meaningful legal recourse. Children are subject to psychological “testing,” manipulation, brainwashing and alienation from their missing parent. Name changes and adoption proceedings in which the child’s now-lost parent has no say go forward without requiring that parents be informed; so much the worse that the consent  of the children’s natural parent is not sought, nor mandated by the law.
Thus far, efforts within the United States government have been entirely unequal to the task of resolving this issue with the government of Japan. Not one child has ever been returned from Japan by a Japanese legal proceeding to any country from which the child was abducted. The number of international abductions is enormous and is soaring. And within Japan, the violent denial and non-protection of parents’ right to their children leaves a conservatively estimated 2.2 million children subject to psychological damage and suffering through the loss of a loved father or mother.

We urge you to exercise your civil right to protect a precious human right, and to call your Senators and Representatives to encourage them to help secure the immediate sponsorship of H.R. 1940, the .International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act of 2011, requiring sanctions and administrative provisions to oversee and prevent the abduction of children.

Numbers for U.S. Senators can be found here

Numbers for U.S. Representatives can be found here

Please help us to save our kids!

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