Never Forget Him

As painful as it is to be reminded with the holidays upon you, please don’t forget this boy.  He ran excited and laughing in the parks and playgrounds of  New York until June 2010. He had friends who love him and many casual encounters with people around this town; maybe with you.

From Central Park to Carroll Park, from Astoria to Astor Place, and from streets to subway stations, Rui’s smile and giggle made you smile and giggle. He read the books in your shops, jumped on the slides, merry-go-rounds and jungle gyms in your neighborhood park.

He is also my son. Today and every day, I can feel my kiss on his cheeks and  his on mine, and remember the warmth of  his breath. I can see his sparkle, and I hear his cries everywhere, every day. I can feel his pain from thousands of miles. I am trying to see his reflection in the moon above me, but it’s dim, and the miles are so long.

This person abducted him in June, 2010.

Can you even imagine what would make a person so terribly arrogant,  enough to think that she can own a human being and have him at her disposal, to do what she wants, as she wants, where she wants?

This is Machico Terauchi. She lives in Tokyo. Her parents are Midori Matsumoto and Shunsuke Terauchi. Her sisters are Kaori Terauchi/ Kaori Ozai, and Ai Terauchi, aka “aicecreamm.” As bizarre as it sounds, this family have been fugitives from  Yakuza for years. I didn’t know this when I married into her family, but they are accustomed to thinking that life on the run from something they regard as sinister is normal.

If you would like to know who the friends in New York are that helped her to kidnap my son,  please write to me, and I’ll try to publicize their names and faces too. I know who they are, and so do they. I’ve been told by some among them that they don’t want to be involved now. I can well imagine so.

Perhaps you can find this family in their ordinary Tokyo homes, and can contact me and tell me that my sweet boy is ok!?!?  He is being harmed by them, right now, as we speak, and it tortures me as well as him. The law is painfully slow, but there may be other ways, if you know them, that will bring them to their senses. I would welcome your suggestions, your offers, your advice., and especially your actions.  Please write me through this blog if you can help. Please!

I want to sing my boy to sleep. I want to read him his favorite stories again. We need each other to live, like a fisherman needs the sea, like a fireman needs water, like a prisoner longs to be free.

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