The Worsening Situation – Letter from Rui’s Grandfather

Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011       12:47 AM
To: ; Brian Prager
Subject: Worsening situation

As the information continues to come from Japan, the news is all bad.

I would now urge Machico to get Rui out of the country as soon as possible. This is an obligation of her love for him, which one shouldn’t doubt, and  I would put it to her in those terms. To protect the son she loves, she must  try to get him out of the country. Japan is already facing vital shortages of food,  medical supplies, and various essential services, and those deficits stretch  into an indefinite future.
The threat from the nuclear reactors continues to grow, and if they are safe from radiation now, that may not be true tomorrow. Impress upon her that radiation  sickness is truly miserable and shortens life.

I imagine that getting out of Japan right now may be difficult because of  the number of people probably trying to flee, but Rui is an American citizen,  and the American Embassy, although not helpful previously, really should be  of help in this regard.
Brian, I trust that you will be trying to contact Machico, if you haven’t already. I urge that your approach be to make Rui safe; that is your main concern as it should be hers.

Japan has truly been hit with a triple whammy of unprecedented magnitude.
I’m sure all of us are eager to hear whether Machico has passed along any new information about her and Rui’s situation.

Love to all,

2 thoughts on “The Worsening Situation – Letter from Rui’s Grandfather

  1. Beautifully said and right on the mark.
    Machico, please think first of what is best for Rui. It’s time for this drama to end. Bring him home where he will be safe. You can work things out, but only if you make the attempt.


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