Dying Slowly in Fukushima


I am sure this short post won’t win any popularity contests. I don’t know really what to recommend that anyone do at this point because the fixity of power in this case is quadrupled by governments, lying private industries, indifference to human life, and deeply neurotic avoidance. But the lying, pretending and characteristically cheerful message of the Japanese press and government on the contamination of the people of northeastern Japan have fooled no one, and the truths they tell deserve to be seen and protested.

We strain to hear the voice of protest, ears open. Here in the U.S., we have only rallying around lies and pretensions.

One thought on “Dying Slowly in Fukushima

  1. Truly scary stuff, and not unanticipated, I’m afraid. Watching the government spokesman lie, officially of course, was maddening… and not unanticipated, I’m really afraid.


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