Rui’s Drawings

“Thou perceivest the flowers put forth their precious odours, And none can tell how from so small a centre come such sweets” Wm. Blake

Rui and I drew these pictures together.  They’re about all I’ve got saved; his mother’s friends took away the rest after she abducted him to Japan. Just one more of a thousand ways that I am pining every day for my boy. 10 months have passed since the abduction.

The Mountains Look Happy
Spaceship Carrying Robots
Rui used to like to write his name backward
Our Snowman in Washington Market Park: See where Rui wrote his name backwards on the snowman's body?
The Busy Hudson River
Rui and Robot

4 thoughts on “Rui’s Drawings

  1. I love these drawings! The mood is cheering. I wish Rui could return quickly to his father so he can capture that mood again in his drawings and in his life.


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