My Buddy

This  fall I sent Rui a photo montage with music via his mother’s email address. It was intended only for my boy to see, to keep some some good memories of us alive within the strange, confusing thing that was being done to him. I was trying to counteract the sadness and negativity of this period away from home, not knowing then that he would still be there in December.

I can’t be certain whether or not he was actually able to see the video. I thought he did, once; but now I don’t think so.

Rui is going to need all the help he can get to realize someday that he is  being brainwashed of his life experience before this crisis. Why should a daddy need digital video to communicate with the son he loves?

It’s a crime.


Click to see My Buddy on Youtube. The song is sung by Dr. John. The piano piece is “Old Portrait” by Charles Mingus.


If that doesn’t play, please click this link here: For Rui Boy


3 thoughts on “My Buddy

  1. Thank you for posting this beautiful video. This video is love. Looking at all the photos of Rui, I couldn’t help but smile. The tragedy of your current situation blows me away. Thank you for sharing your story in this way.

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  2. I’ve seen this video three or four times and it gets to me every time. My favorite part is the middle sequence of son and father making funny faces at each other.

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