Lost Child of Japanese Abduction

Rui Prager on FACEBOOK

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I am not an active person on Facebook much. You may (or you may not) have noticed this if you know my Daddy, Brian Prager. Why am I not active there?

Because the truth is that I’ve been missing in Japan for what will soon be seven years. During that time I’ve grown almost into an adolescent; and throughout my childhood since I was almost 5 years old, I’ve heard nothing and know nothing of my father’s life, nor does he know anything of mine.

If he knew how to overcome this burden of intervening time, he would have to be some sort of magician. Time doesn’t run backwards. My father is a loving (but by now pretty wounded) soul; and even the best and the strongest of people cannot overcome the power of the structuring structures of our time, the powers that make the United States and Japan into “great power” partners in crime in ignoring their people’s needs, in oppressing their peoples, and everyone else’s. They are mutual beneficiaries in this regard, not only of the power to mold subjects into persons who believe in their intentions, but the power of the creation of a global “order” – disorder for most of us – that is sanctioned with many institutions that give the air of legitimacy to their rule. Law, treaties, global and regional organizations, and most significantly, supranational powers via corporations, and pseudo-collaborative international “agreements” of which YOU are the object, but notably *not* the subject, all structure the world around us and make, among so many other injustices, the international abduction regime of Japan almost completely impenetrable.

In the intervening years since I was kidnapped to Japan by my mother, I came to rely exclusively on her and her family for my identity. That is what they wanted most of all from my abduction. The absence of Daddy from my life has meant that I can know nothing of what is real and what is fiction in the hole of my memory where he would have been. So now, whatever I am, it’s down to the fallible residue of memory, and the emotional flooding of my mental space with the Terauchi Family Myths (my mother’s family) and Japan’s socio-historical myths, to give me my measuring stick and my guide posts as to what is truth, what is credible, and what is believable in this life of mine. To think that I have a chance of recovering a firm sense of reality after this traumatic theft of my identity would be the highest order of folly.

I am the Lost Child of Japanese abduction, a practice that now ensnares the minds of all Japan’s children, and that currently makes roughly 3 million Japan-resident minors completely or almost completely unable to recognize the truth of their lost parent. Please help us; understand us; and mourn with us.


>The worst possible scenario imaginable, if there had been no Japan.
Instead, a far, far worse scenario, cutting a wide swath of destruction every which way.

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