June 10th (Part B)

Fukushima water leak spring 2C
Fukushima Water Leak Spring

Japanese people have no protection from the self-seeking  (malevolence, greed, self-absolution) of their ruling elites. In this most serious of all instances, the institutions of government,  the energy industry, and many in Japanese universities and institutions of science are pulled in as agents of the on-going cover up of the magnitude of the Fukushima Daichi nuclear disaster. Victims of the tsunami and plant meltdown are still living in irradiated areas, eating irradiated food, tens of thousands of them in tent cities and “temporary” housing, while the government of Japan is busy with Olympics construction development in Tokyo, preparations to build massive new US military facilities and reinvigorate Japan’s military industries, while gradually revving up enough of the population for war-like hatreds or fearful “threatenedness” directed towards Koreans and Chinese. That is the long-term vision on which the future is being constituted.

Japan's gift to children
Japan’s gift to children

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