Remember, Remember, Remember

“Freud is inviting us to distinguish between something he calls remembering, which is presumably veracious and potentially transformative, and something called an action, a repeated action in which the so-called patient – like an actor with a script, or a figure in a dream – unwittingly performs something from his past. That he knows he is repeating something, but that he doesn’t know he is repeating something from the past means that unwittingly he is living in the present as if it were the past (though it is not an ‘as if’ to him). The patient who repetitively re-enacts something from the past clearly has no distance from it, because for him there is no it from which he could take his distance. Freud is alerting us to the idea that there is nothing that the individual defends himself against more than the construction of distance from the traumatic past. “

Adam Phillips, Close-Ups History Workshop Journal Issue 57 © 2004, Page 142

machico head shot2
Child Abductor Machiko Terauchi
Child Abductor Midori Matsumoto (Terauchi) and Louis Prager (Rui)
Japan's gift to children
Japan Abducts Children and Contaminates their Food and Water with Radioactivity and Carcinogens

2 thoughts on “Remember, Remember, Remember

  1. Criminals, fascists, child abductors. These are ruthless, evil people with no scruples. Look at what they have done, and what they continue to do. They are… without mystery… exactly what they are. No illusions!!!


  2. Sweet love, your pain is both palpable and heart rendering as you grieve the missing of your precious son. The love of a father so great that surely HaShem in heaven must hear and send an angel down to hold your precious heart together, lest it explode with sadness. Blessings on you, Brian. Do not be consumed by grief, dear one, for then the day you are reunited with your son, there will be no sunshine left with which to celebrate the moment.


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