Not a creature is stirring

Every day, I see you in Kawasaki, in Mitsune, in Brooklyn, in Cary, in Seattle, in Saitama,  Karachi, and Île-de-France.

You’re with me in Rockland, in Austin, in Chiba, in Queens, and in Urbandale.

Barcelona, Osaka, San Bernadino, New York, Taipei, Helsinki, Yokohama!

I hope your families embrace you this holiday and keep your sorrows at bay.


This is for Rui in Tokyo, far away from home.

Sweet dreams, Rui darling

(The songs are Loneliest Person, by The Pretty Things, and I Wish I Were Home With You, by the great Austin, TX songwriter and singer, Michael Hall.)

2 thoughts on “Not a creature is stirring

  1. Brian, Your film to Rui brought me to tears. I understand how devoted you are as a father. I hope with you tonight and every night that you and your boy will be reunited.
    Yours, in agony/the flip side of ecstasy


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