Following up on “DV“certified: “I can never meet my 9 year old daughter again…”

Custody Order Rui 3
(From the order of custody of Rui, petitioned in October 2010, granted on March 24, 2011, a full year before Japanese family court heard the case, ignoring the existence of the U.S. court decision entirely)

This news piece (included in the previous post yesterday) was posted on Japanese “Yahoo News” site and then pulled within a few hours. No explanation for that is readily available, but I’m pleased to be able say I’d posted it on my blog before it was lost entirely to the ether around the internet. I am suspicious that the reason it was pulled has to do with the fact that it tells a critical truth about Japan’s family courts and substantiates claims against the legitimacy of those courts effectively. Needless to say, I won’t pull it down.

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It details an unconscionable fact about Japan’s regime of child abduction and state-supported, institutionally-induced child abuse under cover of a profoundly disturbing and destructive outward appearance:
That is, the significant use in Japan of “fake claims of domestic violence” to break off family ties from children and permanently eliminate their relationships with their parent.
The extraordinary thing I want to emphasize here is that this is NOT a case of zealously angry, vengeful men’s rights advocates refuting the legitimate claims of women in need of protection from violence in domestic relationships. If that were the case, I would not dream of supporting or spreading vile rumors.
Rather it is the case that Japan has a *horrendously* bad record of failure to protect women, children, and the elderly from violence, and an enormous juridical apparatus, buffered by legislative laxity and complicit-to-the-point-of-absurdity policing, all enabling the abuses, and minimizing the capacity and effectiveness of authentic support for victims.
It is therefore doubly, triply galling to see that rather than addressing its high incidence of domestic violence, public violence against women, violence against children in schools and homes, the family court makes this a practice that it appears to believe is useful to its reputation; that it attempts to bum rush parents out of their families- permanently – while turning a blind eye to the numerous silences and abuses that surround this system. This allows them to reinforce a creaking, broken family form, while doing nothing to save children from an abusive exercise of dominating power.

If it could happen to me, it can happen to anyone.
150,000 Japanese state-sanctioned abductions, every year.

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Read the original story, here.

4 thoughts on “Following up on “DV“certified: “I can never meet my 9 year old daughter again…”

  1. Thanks Brian,

    The world needs to be aware of the atrocities of the Japanese Family Laws and all the penguin Politicians that do nothing. We will never be able to get the time back but can only expose the truth in the hope that no other Father or even mother would ever have to endure what a truly righteous and loving parents hell would be in these circumstances of injustice. Shame on Japan and Shame on the U.S. for not doing more to revert the laws and rules.

    The U.S. owns Japan yet does nothing? Maybe the Bachome boys could raise that when they do their next White house visit?

    Think so, I think not!




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    1. Thank you Tim. I think we all have a great need to come back together, convene, and have a grand strategic discussion of what has done us no good; and what we might do next to make these two bad-acting, malevolent, malicious states as uncomfortable as possible. Thanks for the support; it’s mutual!


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