Call State Department Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, New York Congressional Delegation, and Yours

For me to ask people to call or write to  congresspersons and ambassadors  has been something I thought I would never do.  But … sincere and well-meaning people  tell me that it’s required that we suspend skepticism one more time. It’s also possible to read a moving account on the web that tells us that stopping parental abduction to Japan has not been not a high priority of the US Ambassador for Asian Affairs. This came from … the US Ambassador for Asian Affairs. He stated that it is  the lack of political pressure from congress that allows  ambassadors to ignore the kidnappings, even though hundreds of them regularly occur. So, let’s not give them that easy out.

Want to see what kind of response you get from the American government? It might be interesting. If you call or write to them, let me know, and  tell us what if anything you hear back by writing me in the “Write to Me” box. I have family members who have written to Secretary Hillary Clinton’s office about Japanese parental abduction, and about my son Rui being kidnapped to Japan.  What is the response from government? When I was a kid, you’d at least get a form letter thanking you for writing. Times have changed, haven’t’ they?

Is President Obama’s office pushing this issue?  You don’t think that Mr. Bush did, do you?

I’ve made a whole series of inquiries, but can’t be specific about them at this point. The battle has several fronts, and national, state, and local governments, other institutions, and individuals should all get involved. Please subscribe and keep in touch, and ask good friends to write and call as well.

Please consider calling and wriing to any Senator and  Congressperson that still has ears to hear the public with … (And why not contact the other 534 too?) And of course, let friends in the media in on the secret … … … Shh! Japan Abducts Children! seems to make phone numbers  easy enough to find.

A very important place for your congresspeople and senators to write and call  is The State Department Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, headed by Assistant Secretary Kurt M. Campbell, which deals with U.S. foreign policy and U.S. relations with the countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Asian and Pacific region
539 E Garvey Ave
Monterey Park CA 91755
Primary: 626 288-2220


Feel free to patch in any of the blog posts if they seem appropriate to you. I think especially this one might convey the message, especially if you ask them why they have done next to nothing  when they have known full well that this has been happening. But it might also help for them to hear some of the more personal side, such as this, or this immodest statement.

There will soon be more; I’m working at it.

Thank you to all!

Call these people: New York in the 111th Congress

Senator Charles E. (Chuck) Schumer (D- NY) 202-224-6542     202-228-3027

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D- NY)   202-224-4451     202-228-0282

Representative Tim Bishop (D – 01) 202-225-3826     202-225-3143

Representative Steve Israel (D – 02)            202-225-3335     202-225-4669

Representative Pete King (R – 03)   202-225-7896     202-226-2279

Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D – 04)   202-225-5516     202-225-5758

Representative Gary Ackerman (D – 05)       202-225-2601     202-225-1589

Representative Gregory W. Meeks (D – 06) 202-225-3461     202-226-4169

Representative Joseph Crowley (D – 07)      202-225-3965     202-225-1909

Representative Jerrold Nadler (D – 08)        202-225-5635     202-225-6923

Representative Anthony Weiner (D – 09)      202-225-6616     202-226-0218

Representative Edolphus (Ed) Towns (D – 10)             202-225-5936     202-225-1018

Representative Yvette Clarke (D – 11)         202-225-6231     202-226-0112

Representative Nydia M. Velazquez (D – 12)            202-225-2361     202-226-0327

Representative Michael E. McMahon (D – 13)            202-225-3371     202-226-1272

Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D – 14)             202-225-7944     202-225-4709

Representative Charles B. Rangel (D – 15)    202-225-4365     202-225-0816

Representative Jose E. Serrano (D – 16)       202-225-4361     202-225-6001

Representative Eliot L. Engel (D – 17)           202-225-2464     202-225-5513

Representative Nita M. Lowey (D – 18)        202-225-6506     202-225-0546

Representative John J. Hall (D – 19)            202-225-5441     202-225-3289

Representative Scott Murphy (D – 20)          202-225-5614     202-225-1168

Representative Paul D. Tonko (D – 21)         202-225-5076     202-225-5077

Representative Maurice D. Hinchey (D – 22) 202-225-6335     202-226-0774

Representative Bill Owens (D – 23) 202-225-4611     202-226-0621

Representative Michael A. Arcuri (D – 24)     202-225-3665     202-225-1891

Representative Dan Maffei (D – 25)             202-225-3701     202-225-4042

Representative Chris Lee (R – 26)    202-225-5265     202-225-5910

Representative Brian Higgins (D – 27)          202-225-3306     202-226-0347

Representative Louise M. Slaughter (D – 28) 202-225-3615     202-225-7822

Representative Thomas Reed (R – 29)          202-225-3161     202-226-6599

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