Bring ’em all in

On Bastille Day, 2019 There is more than one way to cage a child. It is tempting sometimes to say that the society we live in today can be straightforwardly deduced from the self-development of the logic of its institutions. That the increasingly horrid politics and social exclusions we witness today are prefigured in prior … More Bring ’em all in


Rui Your first and eldest cousin, Zach Prager, will have his wedding this weekend on Saturday, June 3rd. It will be in Austin, Texas, where Uncle Neal, Aunt Lori, and your Cousin Sarah all live. Zach is going to marry his long-time girlfriend and partner, Molly O’Neil. All of your U.S. family will be gathered … More Cousins

Lament 2014

Santa asks: What do you want now, child? I want the rightful return to me and to his home of my deeply loved son, Rui, who at any moment day or night – whether I’m laughing, crying, meditating, desperate to escape into some reverie, raging with bursting-at-the-seams angst at lies and unjust lives for me, … More Lament 2014

Fatherless Day 2014

“… and with the melancholy awareness of someone whose most poignant moment of existence has been turned into an infinitely reproducible object, he remarked that the boy “will never be able to get over it. He’ll spend the rest of his life staring into the distance, wondering what they’ve done to him.” ¹ Rui, today … More Fatherless Day 2014