Wandering Boy

Rui (at 4 years old)– 15 today – In hopes that I might find you: When I was fifteen, as you are, I got stuck on this song just as this singer (and guitar player) Molly Tuttle did. She explains that when she first moved from home, she learned that her most precious, loved childhood … More Wandering Boy

Keep Your Candles Burning – December 31, 2019

After spending a few short days together for the holidays this week, our family received this note today from my Dad, Rui’s grandfather, now 92 years of age. Tuesday, December 31, 2019So good to know all arrived home safely. When we were together, I talked about being aware of one’s blessings. I was indeed keenly … More Keep Your Candles Burning – December 31, 2019

Bring ’em all in

On Bastille Day, 2019 There is more than one way to cage a child. It is tempting sometimes to say that the society we live in today can be straightforwardly deduced from the self-development of the logic of its institutions. That the increasingly horrid politics and social exclusions we witness today are prefigured in prior … More Bring ’em all in

Collecting a New History of Grief (For Rui’s 12th Birthday)

“We live in a country where Americans assimilate corpses in their daily comings and goings.” – Claudia Rankine, “The Condition of Black Life” The appallingly truthful sentence above comes from a new book of essays I’ve recently been reading off and on, called Rebellious Mourning, a collection edited by Cindy Milstein, and published by AK … More Collecting a New History of Grief (For Rui’s 12th Birthday)