Keep Your Candles Burning – December 31, 2019

After spending a few short days together for the holidays this week, our family received this note today from my Dad, Rui’s grandfather, now 92 years of age. Tuesday, December 31, 2019So good to know all arrived home safely. When we were together, I talked about being aware of one’s blessings. I was indeed keenly … More Keep Your Candles Burning – December 31, 2019

Collecting a New History of Grief (For Rui’s 12th Birthday)

“We live in a country where Americans assimilate corpses in their daily comings and goings.” – Claudia Rankine, “The Condition of Black Life” The appallingly truthful sentence above comes from a new book of essays I’ve recently been reading off and on, called Rebellious Mourning, a collection edited by Cindy Milstein, and published by AK … More Collecting a New History of Grief (For Rui’s 12th Birthday)

Unlucky Seven

June 15 7 years to the day since Rui was abducted and taken to where the Japanese state would assert its sovereignty and claim jurisdiction over my son, unchallenged by any institution, regardless of international law, concern for children’s protection, or feelings of shared humanity. JJapan’s Fuji TV reported on Rui’s abduction in 2011, and … More Unlucky Seven

Expulsion and Exile

We must not fail to see that the logics of expulsion which are mulitplying the end products of chains of transactions in the dynamics of our age, are the producers and factories of refugees, of  calls for border walls, of wild claim-justifications for abductions, and expelling of low-income or unemployed persons from social welfare and … More Expulsion and Exile