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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I am not an active person on Facebook much. You may (or you may not) have noticed this if you know my Daddy, Brian Prager. Why am I not active there?

Because the truth is that I’ve been missing in Japan for what will soon be seven years. During that time I’ve grown almost into an adolescent; and throughout my childhood since I was almost 5 years old, I’ve heard nothing and know nothing of my father’s life, nor does he know anything of mine.

If he knew how to overcome this burden of intervening time, he would have to be some sort of magician. Time doesn’t run backwards. My father is a loving (but by now pretty wounded) soul; and even the best and the strongest of people cannot overcome the power of the structuring structures of our time, the powers that make the United States and Japan into “great power” partners in crime in ignoring their people’s needs, in oppressing their peoples, and everyone else’s. They are mutual beneficiaries in this regard, not only of the power to mold subjects into persons who believe in their intentions, but the power of the creation of a global “order” – disorder for most of us – that is sanctioned with many institutions that give the air of legitimacy to their rule. Law, treaties, global and regional organizations, and most significantly, supranational powers via corporations, and pseudo-collaborative international “agreements” of which YOU are the object, but notably *not* the subject, all structure the world around us and make, among so many other injustices, the international abduction regime of Japan almost completely impenetrable.

In the intervening years since I was kidnapped to Japan by my mother, I came to rely exclusively on her and her family for my identity. That is what they wanted most of all from my abduction. The absence of Daddy from my life has meant that I can know nothing of what is real and what is fiction in the hole of my memory where he would have been. So now, whatever I am, it’s down to the fallible residue of memory, and the emotional flooding of my mental space with the Terauchi Family Myths (my mother’s family) and Japan’s socio-historical myths, to give me my measuring stick and my guide posts as to what is truth, what is credible, and what is believable in this life of mine. To think that I have a chance of recovering a firm sense of reality after this traumatic theft of my identity would be the highest order of folly.

I am the Lost Child of Japanese abduction, a practice that now ensnares the minds of all Japan’s children, and that currently makes roughly 3 million Japan-resident minors completely or almost completely unable to recognize the truth of their lost parent. Please help us; understand us; and mourn with us.


>The worst possible scenario imaginable, if there had been no Japan.
Instead, a far, far worse scenario, cutting a wide swath of destruction every which way.

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“Well-undermined, old mole!”* In or out of grand treaties, state-sponsored child abuse arrives on cue


Japanese court seals another illegal child abduction

On Feb 17, 2017 – yet again –  another Japanese court sealed another set of children behind iron gates in the isolation cell of Japanese state-supported child abduction.  The case was a different one, but the scenario of abduction-by-court remains the same.

In this instance, Hitomi Arimitsu took four children to Japan, where she has refused for two years to return them to their home in the United States. The oldest of the children at this time are 13; the youngest, 8. As in virtually every other case of Japanese international child abduction, the children, born and raised abroad, were taken to Japan under the pretense of making a family visit that quickly turned into resettlement of the children against the will of their other parent. I do not know if this case is one that was as extensively premeditated as Rui’s kidnapping in 2010, but it remains nonetheless a kidnapping.

A mere two weeks before this, on the heels of a humbling, bungling visit to kiss the ring of the new Mafia Don of the United States, Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fumio Kishida, and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Prime Minister Abe, each assured the Japanese National Diet that Japan is fully compliant with the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, citing the intentionally misleading reporting of the military-expansionist, hegemony-seeking U.S. Department of State in its defense, and further added that no country has been the recipient of any negative actions by the United States on this issue, regardless of lack of compliance (and a law requiring some form of reprisal by the US government). All of which communicated a clear message to Japan’s courts:

Go on with the abductions. Go on with the bizarre and cruel form of exclusionary custody granted to Japanese parents after a kidnapping. And go on overturning attempts to alter that structural practice. There is no danger here; no risk to Japanese officials involved in doing so. No meaningful defense of children is coming to Japan from abroad.

The message was received. The children, they made clear to the courts and the Diet, have been taken into Japanese possession like bits of territory; and their non-Japanese families continue to be permanently expunged, like a blood stream clearing itself of the wasted cells of a dead virus. Once again, Japanese purity is immunized against the presence of the foreigner.

You can read the news report here.

What the story makes clear is that the mother is in contempt of both the lower Japanese court, and U.S. courts, which previously ordered the children home and gave the father access to Japan’s court system. She was then allowed an appeal of the decision which had initially gone against her as the abductor. Given that Japan with tragicomic absurdity adopted a law in 2014 allowing appeals of Hague case decisions – in clear violation of the Convention’s stated intention to bring abducted children quickly home in order to lessen the damage to them and their families – the belief is hereby reinforced that Japan has long intended and continues now to reward criminal behavior taken against parents and their children. There is no legal remedy, and no escape from Japanese abductors as long as elaborate ruses and global collaborations between national states remain as they are with children as the pawn of all priorities.

With the support and connivance of the U.S. Department of State in the forefront, Japan’s inclusion into and implementation of the Convention is a predictable debacle. Japan’s regime of child abduction belongs in the global history of communal violence that extends ever more forcefully into our time.


The Age of Alt-Facts


“Dude, where’s my country?” is even darker than it first appeared.

“Life is a campaign. Making our country great again is a campaign. For me it’s a campaign, to make America great again is absolutely a campaign.”

When is a law not a law, and a treaty not a treaty? When is a long-sought-for agreement not an agreement at all? When do beings count and their relations carry weight? And what tells us when they are already presumed to have been expelled?

We are feeling the pull of a deepening sink hole today. The powers of institutional forces are intensified in their capacity to defy and deceive the information of our senses and knowledge until our bearings escape us. Facts, or what used to be, now vie with “alternative facts” for our attention. What were once presumably if exaggeratedly transparent forms of communication have become something called “fake news” in public, and lives are now said to have been replaced by “campaigns” loaded with instrumentalized “messaging.” Ordinary us; we know this. Thinkers (Hayden White, among numerous others) have long warned us about the perils of failing to examine the assumptions behind the correspondences we presume to affirm between representations and the objects we study to explain.

It was as a parent of an abducted child that I came to understand that the coordinates were slipping. I became aware of the falsity of representations (state, law, sovereignty, society, boundary, safety) in a newly profound way, thanks in no small part to a descent into hell. This was the moment when lessons as old as Homer, as recent as Freud’s and Fanon’s revealed themselves.

Like ancient astronomers, by our measure we are standing on the firm surface of the earth while knowing that we are hurtling through space.  What can the GPS do to reassure us once the cold speedy movement is outed, and begins to make our knees tremble? The incompatibility and undermining of representations upend us. Unknown knowns lurk, ready to traumatize us as they are exposed. Once water has been sucked from the deep earth, where is it we can still find a grip on ground that is sinking down into salt? Atop the sink hole, we have to first know that we are standing in it and grab for a life line sans guarantees.

Even so, let’s do that. It’s late.


Come on, Rise up!

With These Hands

* Note:
¹ All thoughts and phrases have debts.”Well-undermined, old mole!” is phrase used by Marx after 1848, a variation on Hamlet’s line, “well-said, old mole!” I found the variation (and loved it) in William Clare Roberts’ Marx’s Inferno (Princeton, 2017) on p. 30.)

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Baïlèro for Rui and Lois

(Short video with subtitles in English here)

This overflows an already filled cup of sorrow.
Here is an example of the complete corruption of democracy in Japan and the United States.
There is a discussion of Japanese Child Abduction in the Diet (Japan’s parliament). … but…
The representative bringing the problem forward is a member of the far right “Japan Restoration Party,” who uses the situation to speak, not emphatically about the well-being and abuse of children, and the rights of both parents to raise their kids, but about the “risk” to Japan of the US withdrawing “security protection and support” as a result of the Goldman Act of 2014. A non-issue, since god knows the USA will never willingly withdraw from the massive bases from which it practices military dominance of E.Asia and the Pacific. And heaven knows there are numerous unheard Japanese voices who would like nothing better than to be rid of them.

This further allows the central government officials of the LDP to use the bad faith actions of the US Department of State against the children in question, and declare that the US Department of State has already backed Japan’s entirely specious claim that it is “compliant” with the treaty and therefore in conformity with International Law with regard to custody obtained by abduction of children (whereby 3 million Japanese children have virtually no contact, much less a normal ongoing relationship, with their parents.)

Elections held as show business and exercises in monetary influence and the futility of democratic activity in the absence of real democratic accountability create ideological cover for “elected officials” to practice the abuse of power.
It is way past time to consider the real cleavages that really exist in social orders today, and to amplify the discussion of who is organized into politics, and by whom. To ask to name what initiatives to restructure politics have already taken place, and what can be done.

This is *not* what we want for our children or ourselves: to have our struggle reduced to legalistic banter and mannered deference to bureaucrats.

Kenta Matsunami (Japan Restoration Party)
National Diet Budget Committee Feb 14, 2017
English subtitles

*One more late addition/ note to make:
That our issue should be left to fall into the hands of Japan’s right wing parties such as the Japan Restoration Party – a party pretending to be ’emperor worshipers’ but in reality seeking to roll back what little familial, gender, and ethnic progress there is in Japan, is a scandal. They are regressive patriarchal nationalists, and if their national security posture doesn’t tip you off, then their nuance-free insinuations of impropriety characterized as falling squarely and exclusively on women’s shelters should.

February 16, 2017


Mom – Lois Prager – Oct 7, 1928 – Feb 16, 1992

This is for Lois and Louis,
and for the gentle
One of her favorite songs, in her preferred version

Victoria de Los Angeles –  Baïlèro
and  La delaïssádo:



Uno pastourèlo èsper olaï al capt del bouès
Lou galan doguélo, mé né bén pas!

"Ay! souï délaïssado!
Qué n'aï pas vist lou mio galant;
Crésio qué m'aïmábo, è ton l'aïmé ièu!"

Luziguèt l'estélo, aquèlo què marco la nuèt,
e lo pauro pastoureletto
Démouret à ploura...
A shepherdess waits there near the top of 
the woods for the one she loves,
but he does not come!
"Alas, I have been deserted!
I do not see the one I love.
I thought he loved me, and I loved him so much."
When the star comes out, the evening star,
the poor shepherdess is still alone weeping.'
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Japanese Supreme Court Overturns Lower Court: Custody by State-Sponsored Child Abduction Will Persist

Japan allowed one.. ONE ruling in a family custody-by-abduction case based on decency and parent-child dignity… And then reversed it in the Supreme Court.

Insane, vindictive, hostile, & crude. And heart-rending cruelty.

I posted to the news site:
“One can no longer entertain the myth that the Japanese family court and family law system of “custody attained by child abduction” and “state-sponsored child abduction” is a matter of its practitioners being misguided, misinformed, or having failed to understand the character and reasoning underlying the global standard; nor can it be held that they do “not yet” possess the knowledge that comes down to us through the fields of child psychology, developmental psychology, and such ailments as narcissistic and other types of personality disorders.
It is clear that the State here favors the most vicious possible treatment of children and parents, and deems them unworthy of rights and most of all of protection of those rights.
Fundamentals shared by family systems worldwide, regardless of how flawed their execution, all point clearly to the egregious nature of this structure: children in stages of development, and under the powerful influence of relatives who are induced by law to abduct them and destroy their foundational family relationships, are deserving of protection from parental abduction, which is nothing less than predatory treatment and child abuse. The father carefully crafted his case to assure the court that his daughter would not be forced to lose one of her parental relationships. And the court found a way to thwart that child and her father, and damage her in ways that will remain with her for the rest of her life.”

One can only hope that the case is not killed off by this ruling, and that further avenues back to the Supreme Court will be found in order for children and parents’ rights to finally be protected by Japanese law. But there is a long way to go, and much more suffering ahead.

The story from the Japan Times reads:

A father whose custody for his daughter was denied by the Tokyo High Court speaks at a news conference in Tokyo Thursday.

In reversal, high court ditches ‘good parent rule’ that had granted dad custody of daughter

Jan 27, 2017
The Tokyo High Court on Thursday overturned a rare family court decision that had granted a father custody of his daughter because he was more inclined than his estranged wife to allow greater visitation, ruling the girl should keep living with her mother for the sake of continuity and because that is her wish.

The high court ruling came during an appeal trial regarding custody of the 9-year-old girl, whose parents have been living separately since the mother left and took the child with her in 2010.

“The daughter has been living with her mother, is growing up healthy and wants to continue living with her mother in the future,” presiding Judge Yoichi Kikuchi said. “Taking into account what is in the best interest of the daughter, it is reasonable that custody is awarded to the mother.”

The initial ruling handed down in March by the Chiba Family Court’s Matsudo branch attracted public attention because it applied the “good parent rule” — granting custody to the parent more inclined to allow greater visitation — and ordered the mother to hand over the girl to the father. The father had said he would allow his wife to see her daughter 100 days a year if he was given custody. The mother said she would allow him to see his daughter just once a month.

Thursday’s judgment was based on the principle of continuity, with the court stating that a child’s healthy development is not ensured just by seeing a separated parent.

“The number of days for visitation is not the only criteria to decide who has custody, and is less important compared with other conditions,” the court said.

“If the daughter, who is an elementary school student, goes back and forth between the parents’ houses for 100 days a year, it would be a physical burden and would affect her relationship with her school and her friends,” the court said, judging that visitation of once a month is appropriate.

The mother left her husband, taking her daughter with her, in May 2010 after the couple became estranged. The father has not seen the girl since September the same year.

The mother issued a statement after the ruling thanking the high court for supporting her claim.

The father said he would file an appeal. “The judgment cannot be forgiven, because it gives advantage to a parent who took away the child first,” he said.

“It is hard to believe the high court respected the child’s will,” said the father’s lawyer, Akira Ueno.

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