Zach, Rui and Daddy Brian

Your first and eldest cousin, Zach Prager, will have his wedding this weekend on Saturday, June 3rd. It will be in Austin, Texas, where Uncle Neal, Aunt Lori, and your Cousin Sarah all live. Zach is going to marry his long-time girlfriend and partner, Molly O’Neil.

Zach and Molly

All of your U.S. family will be gathered together there in Neal’s house and around town at various places for an event that’s both deeply happy and serious. Zach and Molly have been all around the world together. And now they’re committed to being one partnership for good. It is a generational milestone in your family here.
Rui, your daddy misses you every day. It’s hard to go on with anything normal; every day is another day that has been stolen in this most supremely selfish, toxic mean-spirited attack against you and me. It’s beyond imagining, yet it goes on every day. And every day I miss you, think about you, wonder and wish I could find and defend and exchange life with you, and be your father. Nothing else really authentically matters to me as much; and so while this event is really a happy one for your family here, it will have a subterranean undercurrent of melancholy that I will bear quietly through the day. You should be here to see your cousin’s marriage begin. You deserve to know them; they are good people.
I study hard Rui. I hope you do too. I am seeking with all my waking hours and strength to try to understand all the complex ways that your abduction and our separation can have affected you. My one goal for my life is to work against this wrongdoing; and to see it stop happening to all the little ones in Japan, and around the world.
Seek the light Rui. Look up into the night skies for the moon and stars. I will be watching them just as you do. I wait with my heart full, heavy, and longing for the day our lives may be restored in some way.
Love and real devotion, from your father. Brian Prager

Listen to my heartsong, Rui boy.


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Expulsion and Exile Are Our Common Passover

We must not fail to see that the logics of expulsion which are mulitplying the end products of chains of transactions in the dynamics of our age, are the producers and factories of refugees, of  calls for border walls, of wild claim-justifications for abductions, and expelling of low-income or unemployed persons from social welfare and health care. This cannot be held at bay or held in denial on behalf of advocacy for our children’s cause. We seek relief of the acute burden of expulsion – of ourselves and our children from law, from security, from access, from regimes of protection – which has infected the body politic.

At the dawn of the regimes of neoliberalism, there were displacements and de-industrialization, which were intense and brutal in their devastation. Depradation struck whole cities; whole sectors and whole economies were despoiled. Ever and always as it has been with such grand-scale transformations of the structure of urban, regional, and global environments as they have functioned under capital, the assault was both preceded and tailed by legal regimes that altered and ratified massive social effects. The tidal waves and tsunamis that washed millions into streets, subway stations, onto curbs and into tunnels, were accompanied by agreements, legal arrangements, sovereign rights of property and territory that held at bay the defense of dispossessed children, parents, workers, and tenants; colonized lives were rendered technologically superfluous, deportable, and expellable.

Once necessary and skilled labor, from oil processing workers to port loaders and shippers became deportable excess populations, lacking in or severed from local ties. Whole conurbations of industrial labor could be expelled, and the services funded by their activity, ended. Whole regional economies were lain waste, as it became a strategic advantage of operations of global business to render locally employed labor as deportable and socially expendable as possible. And what was needed to shore up this regime of expulsion? Alterations, justifications and continuities in the rule of law.

Now come the scouring, reinterpretations and adaptions of treaties and international “trade agreements” which facilitated the globalization of labor resources, and degraded the protections required of sovereign states. It was a small step from there, to the sectoral specialization of the assault on previously supposedly “sacred” grounds of social relations. They came for our parents and changed their names. They came for our towns and emptied them of value and population. And then, our children fell into the abyss of the unprotected, the expelled, the “concentrated” for ease and facilitation of expulsion.

It is hard to look at our children and those of the most abject of refugees and victims of social abandonment and see their connected plights; but the links are real.  It’s difficult to arouse an equally deserving level of sympathetic empathy for the eliminated family members stolen from us with those of the vast floods of drowning, suffering, cold and embittered lives of the refugees of the spectacle of border camps, fleeing from guards and nationalist mobs across the globe. But to fail to perceive the connectedness of our lost children’s plight with theirs may be the greatest failing of all. If we can’t see how intimately the formal elements are comprised of similarities of law which deprive persons of their humanity, then how can we hope to have our wishes redeemed? Are they so private and unrelated to our little sisters and brothers in the muddy tents? I think not.

This is my blood, and my son’s, on the doorpost. This is our Passover. A utopian dream that would do the impossible: redeem us, turn time to run backward, and restore to us the loss of our humanity, and make us worthy of our children. We have to make common cause with the dispossessed, the disparaged, the disdained, and the disrespected fellows of our species. The time for that is now.

Rui and Daddy, New York Passover

Refugees – Federation des Societes Juives en France – Passover 1947

Rui on Passover

Berlin 1946 – Distribution of Passover foods

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Lost Child of Japanese Abduction

Rui Prager on FACEBOOK

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I am not an active person on Facebook much. You may (or you may not) have noticed this if you know my Daddy, Brian Prager. Why am I not active there?

Because the truth is that I’ve been missing in Japan for what will soon be seven years. During that time I’ve grown almost into an adolescent; and throughout my childhood since I was almost 5 years old, I’ve heard nothing and know nothing of my father’s life, nor does he know anything of mine.

If he knew how to overcome this burden of intervening time, he would have to be some sort of magician. Time doesn’t run backwards. My father is a loving (but by now pretty wounded) soul; and even the best and the strongest of people cannot overcome the power of the structuring structures of our time, the powers that make the United States and Japan into “great power” partners in crime in ignoring their people’s needs, in oppressing their peoples, and everyone else’s. They are mutual beneficiaries in this regard, not only of the power to mold subjects into persons who believe in their intentions, but the power of the creation of a global “order” – disorder for most of us – that is sanctioned with many institutions that give the air of legitimacy to their rule. Law, treaties, global and regional organizations, and most significantly, supranational powers via corporations, and pseudo-collaborative international “agreements” of which YOU are the object, but notably *not* the subject, all structure the world around us and make, among so many other injustices, the international abduction regime of Japan almost completely impenetrable.

In the intervening years since I was kidnapped to Japan by my mother, I came to rely exclusively on her and her family for my identity. That is what they wanted most of all from my abduction. The absence of Daddy from my life has meant that I can know nothing of what is real and what is fiction in the hole of my memory where he would have been. So now, whatever I am, it’s down to the fallible residue of memory, and the emotional flooding of my mental space with the Terauchi Family Myths (my mother’s family) and Japan’s socio-historical myths, to give me my measuring stick and my guide posts as to what is truth, what is credible, and what is believable in this life of mine. To think that I have a chance of recovering a firm sense of reality after this traumatic theft of my identity would be the highest order of folly.

I am the Lost Child of Japanese abduction, a practice that now ensnares the minds of all Japan’s children, and that currently makes roughly 3 million Japan-resident minors completely or almost completely unable to recognize the truth of their lost parent. Please help us; understand us; and mourn with us.


>The worst possible scenario imaginable, if there had been no Japan.
Instead, a far, far worse scenario, cutting a wide swath of destruction every which way.

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“Well-undermined, old mole!”* In or out of grand treaties, state-sponsored child abuse arrives on cue


Japanese court seals another illegal child abduction

On Feb 17, 2017 – yet again –  another Japanese court sealed another set of children behind iron gates in the isolation cell of Japanese state-supported child abduction.  The case was a different one, but the scenario of abduction-by-court remains the same.

In this instance, Hitomi Arimitsu took four children to Japan, where she has refused for two years to return them to their home in the United States. The oldest of the children at this time are 13; the youngest, 8. As in virtually every other case of Japanese international child abduction, the children, born and raised abroad, were taken to Japan under the pretense of making a family visit that quickly turned into resettlement of the children against the will of their other parent. I do not know if this case is one that was as extensively premeditated as Rui’s kidnapping in 2010, but it remains nonetheless a kidnapping.

A mere two weeks before this, on the heels of a humbling, bungling visit to kiss the ring of the new Mafia Don of the United States, Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fumio Kishida, and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Prime Minister Abe, each assured the Japanese National Diet that Japan is fully compliant with the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction, citing the intentionally misleading reporting of the military-expansionist, hegemony-seeking U.S. Department of State in its defense, and further added that no country has been the recipient of any negative actions by the United States on this issue, regardless of lack of compliance (and a law requiring some form of reprisal by the US government). All of which communicated a clear message to Japan’s courts:

Go on with the abductions. Go on with the bizarre and cruel form of exclusionary custody granted to Japanese parents after a kidnapping. And go on overturning attempts to alter that structural practice. There is no danger here; no risk to Japanese officials involved in doing so. No meaningful defense of children is coming to Japan from abroad.

The message was received. The children, they made clear to the courts and the Diet, have been taken into Japanese possession like bits of territory; and their non-Japanese families continue to be permanently expunged, like a blood stream clearing itself of the wasted cells of a dead virus. Once again, Japanese purity is immunized against the presence of the foreigner.

You can read the news report here.

What the story makes clear is that the mother is in contempt of both the lower Japanese court, and U.S. courts, which previously ordered the children home and gave the father access to Japan’s court system. She was then allowed an appeal of the decision which had initially gone against her as the abductor. Given that Japan with tragicomic absurdity adopted a law in 2014 allowing appeals of Hague case decisions – in clear violation of the Convention’s stated intention to bring abducted children quickly home in order to lessen the damage to them and their families – the belief is hereby reinforced that Japan has long intended and continues now to reward criminal behavior taken against parents and their children. There is no legal remedy, and no escape from Japanese abductors as long as elaborate ruses and global collaborations between national states remain as they are with children as the pawn of all priorities.

With the support and connivance of the U.S. Department of State in the forefront, Japan’s inclusion into and implementation of the Convention is a predictable debacle. Japan’s regime of child abduction belongs in the global history of communal violence that extends ever more forcefully into our time.


The Age of Alt-Facts


“Dude, where’s my country?” is even darker than it first appeared.

“Life is a campaign. Making our country great again is a campaign. For me it’s a campaign, to make America great again is absolutely a campaign.”

When is a law not a law, and a treaty not a treaty? When is a long-sought-for agreement not an agreement at all? When do beings count and their relations carry weight? And what tells us when they are already presumed to have been expelled?

We are feeling the pull of a deepening sink hole today. The powers of institutional forces are intensified in their capacity to defy and deceive the information of our senses and knowledge until our bearings escape us. Facts, or what used to be, now vie with “alternative facts” for our attention. What were once presumably if exaggeratedly transparent forms of communication have become something called “fake news” in public, and lives are now said to have been replaced by “campaigns” loaded with instrumentalized “messaging.” Ordinary us; we know this. Thinkers (Hayden White, among numerous others) have long warned us about the perils of failing to examine the assumptions behind the correspondences we presume to affirm between representations and the objects we study to explain.

It was as a parent of an abducted child that I came to understand that the coordinates were slipping. I became aware of the falsity of representations (state, law, sovereignty, society, boundary, safety) in a newly profound way, thanks in no small part to a descent into hell. This was the moment when lessons as old as Homer, as recent as Freud’s and Fanon’s revealed themselves.

Like ancient astronomers, by our measure we are standing on the firm surface of the earth while knowing that we are hurtling through space.  What can the GPS do to reassure us once the cold speedy movement is outed, and begins to make our knees tremble? The incompatibility and undermining of representations upend us. Unknown knowns lurk, ready to traumatize us as they are exposed. Once water has been sucked from the deep earth, where is it we can still find a grip on ground that is sinking down into salt? Atop the sink hole, we have to first know that we are standing in it and grab for a life line sans guarantees.

Even so, let’s do that. It’s late.


Come on, Rise up!

With These Hands

* Note:
¹ All thoughts and phrases have debts.”Well-undermined, old mole!” is phrase used by Marx after 1848, a variation on Hamlet’s line, “well-said, old mole!” I found the variation (and loved it) in William Clare Roberts’ Marx’s Inferno (Princeton, 2017) on p. 30.)

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