Divorce Conflict Madness – Machiko Terauchi’s Indifference to Rui

The video clip below is something I saw on Youtube that reminded me again, again, again, (like I need to be reminded?) that Machiko’s drive to divorce and abduction is a miserably narcissistic and cruel thing to do to Rui. I didn’t want to divorce her; in the end, I wanted to live with my … More Divorce Conflict Madness – Machiko Terauchi’s Indifference to Rui

Condemned to Repeat

Flyers distributed around New York throughout the fall of 2011. Around the City University, at Occupy Wall Street, at bookstores and restaurants, to Amy Goodman, Michael Moore, and countless others. “A child of 5 whose nanny is leaving is told not to cry because that would make it more difficult for nanny. … A child … More Condemned to Repeat


Boarding a subway today, dragging my usual work bags, a woman stood to give me her seat –   the first time anyone has done that since I last carried Rui into a crowded train, wobbling and subway surfing in front of the train door. I thought,  has the gray in my beard  become that … More Leaves

Dark Times

    To Those Born Later I Truly, I live in dark times! The guileless word is folly. A smooth forehead Suggests insensitivity. The man who laughs Has simply not yet had The terrible news. What kind of times are they, when A talk about trees is almost a crime Because it implies silence about so … More Dark Times