6 Months (revised)

Today on the 6-month anniversary of Rui’s abduction, I haven’t got the heart to write much myself. With all the respect that is due to a man who has suffered the worst and deserves nothing but plaudits for his efforts, and the supportive shoulders of his friends, I invite you to read this short summary … More 6 Months (revised)

Kidnappers. Take Heart.

Kidnapping children is legal in the United States. But I’ll bet you didn’t know that. In the eyes of the law in New York State and throughout the United States, you are better off bitterly, irrevocably divorced  living separately from your children, than married and trying to keep your family together to protect and stay … More Kidnappers. Take Heart.

Parental Alienation and the Misuse of Abuse

1 There is no more serious family issue than domestic violence. However, my intuition from early in this fight has told me that a key question in the fight against Japanese Parental Abduction is the way that charges of domestic violence are abused by petitioners to the family court there. I wanted to understand this issue. … More Parental Alienation and the Misuse of Abuse

My Buddy

This  fall I sent Rui a photo montage with music via his mother’s email address. It was intended only for my boy to see, to keep some some good memories of us alive within the strange, confusing thing that was being done to him. I was trying to counteract the sadness and negativity of this … More My Buddy