A family of child abductors

“Let the ears hearing this and its like be seared, for who has heard or seen the likes of it? … Why did the heavens not darken and the stars not withhold their radiance; why did not the sun and moon turn dark?”

Friday, November 19th, 2010

This is the 8th post I’ve written on this site. This is the sorrowful page I’ve most dreaded adding, identifying my wife’s family, the Terauchis.

Why do these family members cluelessly join in setting a little boy on a path of emotional disturbance? Look beyond appearances. Do decent people allow such a terrible thing to happen in their own homes?

Any and all families have a skeleton or two in the closet. But the number of incidents of children having been permanently removed from one or more of their parents in this family is more than coincidental. There are three victims of this involving the people pictured below, prior to my boy, Rui. It has become a new normal for them.

What have they done? They have stood by and encouraged Rui’s mother to commit a deep, sad form of child abuse: kidnapping my small, preschool boy to a place thousands of miles from home, out of contact and out of reach. No one knows when we’ll play ball, read stories, or kiss goodnight again.

Kaori (Terauchi) Ozai & Machico Terauchi (Prager) /PRAGER, Machiko Terauchi, – – Child abductors

Midori Matsumoto and Shunsuke Terauchi – child abductors, harboring child abductors
Ai Terauchi- Rui’s aunt- Child abductor
Jun Ozai – family of child abductors

The family photo album of people who can’t conceive that my right and Rui’s right to be together must be respected and my Rui must be returned home to the Daddy who loves him.

8 thoughts on “A family of child abductors

  1. These are the abductors of Louis Prager, my son, Rui.
    Machiko Terauchi was for many years employed by Steady-Study, a Tokyo-based fashion public relations firm that associates their name by virtue of their use and support of her work with the abuse of children and the denial of children and parent’s rights by the Japanese state. They are the enablers of this entire process, the guild of Japanese child abduction. STOP supporting them!~ Demand that the children be returned to their home countries, and the abductors be JAILED until Japan stops supporting the abduction of children and pays reparations to the families of the abducted in order to support their reintegration with their parent. Stop Japanese International Child Abduction Now! Send Our Children Back Home!!

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  2. Brian,
    Your pain is palpable and ever-present. My heart goes out to you both as you endure this outrage. I am in a non-fiction writing critique group here in Austin. One of the women is writing about how her children were kidnapped from her (this was probably 10 years ago) and how she found them and re-kidnapped them back. They were in California, not Japan. But, I have a good friend who is a journalist in Japan, and I forwarded your last post to her. She is an honorable woman and I’ll bet (I pray) that maybe she’ll have the chutzpah to investigate these practices.

    Love is a powerful medium, friend. Do not give up on your son. Do not give up on yourself. Do not give up on prayer. Who knows? Perhaps you’ve been given this assignment to bring about social change in Japan? Let me know what I can do to help.


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